miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016


Designers are reinventing denim up by cutting and sewing different pairs of jeans together to create a unique, Artsy vibe. Just the perfect pair to wear with your chunky ankle boots.
Personally,the first time i saw a pair of them i thought it was crazy but then i started seeing different styles and i completely loved it.

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jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016


Con la llegada del otoño tenemos también nuevas tendencias.Una de mis partes favoritas de la moda es como las tendencias regresan y como prendas que nuestras mamas usaran esta de vuelta.En este post me enfoque en la  colección Otoño-Invierno 2017 de Ivan Avalos,la cual  me encanto;inspirada en la bipolaridad femenina nos da prendas rudas y fuertes pero a la vez dulces y románticas.

Mi top 5:

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2016


Hello everyone

Probably you did not notice, but this is the second Wednesday I post in a row and this is something that I have had in mind. In my personal life I am the most disorganized girl ever but I wanted to take the blog serious so I chose a day to post and that was the one that worked the best for me.
Also I wanted to talk about a topic that has been really important in my life and really related to this post.
Fashion has been something I love since I was really young but coming from a small city where everyone wears the same I never felt brave enough to go out of that standard.
I remember seeing beautiful outfits on the internet and dreamed of wearing them.
And this is something most of the people can relate to ; this can happen in any area of our life. We tend to believe we are not capable to do different tasks but we gotta believe in ourselves because if we don’t nobody else will.

And sometimes falling is something good because we learn from them and get to know ourselves and if you have dreams never stop pursing them.
There’s a video of Jerome Jarre that I watch whenever I feel like giving up and I really recommend you watching either you want to follow your dreams or not .One thing that he says and made me realize that people only procrastinate what they really love to do what society is right is:
You are 99 years old and you are on your deathbed and all of sudden you have a chance to come back to right now.
What would you do?

Be brave.
Believe in yourself.
Do what you think is right.

Take risks.


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