miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2016


 Stripes, stripes, stripes a basic on every girl closet now days.

They became a basic on street style and its all about it.

Stripes are always in style. They can be paired with just about anything.
This day I went out for lunch with my Friends so I kept it simple and added the chocker and this cool shoes but I totally see myself wearing this at night with a nice clutch and high heels.
Stripes are always in style. They can be paired with just about anything.

No hubo pasarela que no tuviera alguna prenda a rayas ; ya sean horizontales , verticales y combinadas estas tomaron las colecciones. Además son perfectas para disimular aquellas partes que no queremos destacar o bien, enfatizar ciertas zonas que sabemos son nuestro mejor atractivo. Dependiendo de las proporciones deben de ser el tamaño de los cuadros y el grosor de las rayas, a mayor proporción de nuestra figura ,mayor tamaño de las rayas.

Las dos cosas mas importantes sea versátil es que esta nos quede bien , la segunda y la cual considero muy importante son los accesorios; ya que estos nos ayudan a darle un look totalmente diferente a una prenda; en este caso tenis y jeans para un día de comida con amigas pero lo podemos combinar totalmente con un bolso pequeño y zapatillas para una salida por la noche.

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016


Since the day I found out who Anna Wintour is, I fell in love with her work and her and  keeping up with fashion news became a daily task to me ,sometimes its even weird when I talk with people about hobbies and I mention that mine is fashion and everything related
.Growing up I was completely Tomboy ,I remember that going shopping was a nightmare to me and when I watched the movie 13 going 30 something In my was born and I started loving magizones and fashion and I started to inform myself on this topics and along the years I found some amazing places where you can keep informed with the fashion industry and I will be telling you guys more about my favorite ones.

The September issue
If you are interested in working in a magazine or just to know everything works inside the company, this is the perfect documentary for you .
They talk about a bunch of different jobs  inside of vogue and what exactly the do in the magazine  even if you are not interested it is really interesting definitely a must.

The future of fashion with Alexa chung  in New York-british vogue
In the one hour video; She interviews a bunch of different people of the fashion industry and what Inside of different jobs in the fashion industry you can have. And how to success in the industry.

Vfiles data
Different times of fashion and different designers
The worst fashion shows of all time or how Kanye became a designer

Business of fashion 
Keep up with the fashion news but also you can learn things about designers
What you missed this week

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